We are working on so many lovely projects recently we thought it was high time to share another one with you.

The brief for this particular project was to design and supply a new bathroom suite for a client in Hopwas, Tamworth. The client was really struggling with their bathroom as it was, there were all kinds of issues with the suite as it stood, including the shower leaking into the kitchen below, and bath taps that simply refused to work any more.

The client entrusted the design to us, knowing that we would deliver a fantastic result, and simply asked us to make the most of the available space whilst including a his and hers basin as well as a large shower and separate bath.

First job was to get the room stripped!

As you can see from the pictures above, we literally took the room back to bare brick. There was a chimney breast in the room that we removed in order to really maximise the space, however, once that was taken away, it left all of the main heating pipes and water feeds exposed. Although not necessarily an expected issue, it was one that we were more than prepared to handle. We simply had to adjust the feeds in the loft and in the bathroom itself to suit the new layout.

The layout we decided on, enabled the very best use of the space available and afforded us the opportunity to include all the key pieces the client specified in the brief, including a large shower with separate bath as well as his and hers double sinks.

We only ever install products from brands we know we can trust to deliver on the quality our customers deserve. The brands we chose for this particular installation were Duravit, Grohe, Vado, Mereway and the tiles were Grespania.

Although we thoroughly enjoy projects with clients who know exactly what they want and where, it is always refreshing to take on a client that simply wants you do deliver on the brief and leaves you to it! Our client on this project left us to our own devices and was extremely pleased with the result, another testament to our many years of experience and expertise.