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Turn your dreams into reality with Desire Bathroom Interiors

Are you looking to create a new beautiful bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom just like you have seen elsewhere or in a magazine?

Do you want a complete new installation or just want to replace or change some products?

Are you fed up with the large airing cupboard taking up so much area or the separate room for the WC, and wish you had more space for a new wonderful bathroom?

These are all situations that Desire Bathroom Interiors are typically faced with, and we can help you turn your dreams into reality.

In addition to product supply and installation, we provide a full and efficient ‘one stop’ service, taking care of all aspects, including strip out, plasterwork, joinery, electrics, specialist lighting, ventilation, plumbing, tiling and flooring. This avoids you having to involve other contractors and potential delays and problems that can arise when several parties are involved.

helping you achieve your dream bathroom

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Whatever the nature of your project, Desire Bathroom Interiors can guide and support you from start to finish.


Get expert help from Desire Bathroom Interiors right from the beginning of your project.


Using the best quality materials available to suit your taste and budget.


Installed to the highest possible standards by Desire Bathroom Interiors employees.